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for all types of office & home printer repairs & maintenance


We repair and maintain all types of home and office printers, specialising in Laser printers and HP Designjet Plotters. We also work on, Inkjet, Dot Matrix, other Large Format printers and look after all the well known manufacturers.

We have built up an enviable reputation for quality, reliability and a friendly local service and this is reflected by our growing number of regular customers and referrals from satisfied clients.


We can tailor our services to suit your specific requirements.

Workshop Repairs

Unique drop in service available for local customers (by appointment only). Minimal inspection fees for all types of printer.

On Site Repairs

On-site maintenance. All types of printer including: Laser printers, Inkjets, Dot Matrix, Wax printers and HP Designjet Plotters.

Maintenance Only Contracts

Maintenance Only Contracts. Preventative Maintenance. Laser Printers Only. Free Unlimited Technical Support.

Remote Assistance
No Fix No Fee. Simple setup or connection issues Telephone guidance for customers with minor printer issues.

5 top tips to get the best out of your printer

If you get a paper jam, make sure you turn the printer off first before trying to remove the paper. Otherwise you are working against the force of the motors, and the paper is much more likely to tear and leave small pieces stuck inside which you cannot get to.
If your inkjet is struggling to feed the paper, you may have something caught inside.
Try gently tipping it upside down and giving it a little shake, if not you may be able to
feed some thicker card through it manually with the power off to push the object through.
If you are getting print quality issues with your laser printer and you can see evidence of this on any of the rollers, do not at any point try to clean them yourself without professional advice. If you attempt to clean a drum roller or transfer belt roller then you may cause serious damage to your printer.
If you do not need to print masses of colour then you might be better off with using a
Black and White (Mono) Laser printer instead, this will dramatically reduce the cost of the ink or toner for your everyday printing of emails, letters and invoices etc.
If you choose to use cheap alternative cartridges, whether it be ink or laser,
you may run into problems further down the line. They may well be advertised as
‘Compatible’, but unfortunately that only really means that they will fit into the printer, it does not mean that they will work properly or not cause you major problems in the future.

All of our charges are highlighted on our services pages. Our callout charges are an all in price, we do not charge additional hourly rates and we are not vat registered. Any required spare parts would be charged as extra though, and a small labour charge may be applied to return to fit them if we have to travel a long distance to get back to you.

We now offer a reduced labour charge for any problem which cannot be resolved after attending site, but we will always carefully gather as much information as possible before committing you to a callout anyway to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

A. Quite often yes, however each situation is different so we are quite willing to offer Technical Support over the phone, or allow you to bring it to our workshop to find out the best option for you.

We have a small stock of refurbished printers available which is constantly being updated, these tend to be older models though but they can be useful as a cheap alternative to getting a brand new one. Plus you have the piece of mind that it has been looked after and serviced by us.

No unfortunately not, our main focus is repairs, servicing and maintenance only. We generally leave the purchasing of inks and toners to the individual customer, we do have a growing network of suppliers though so we would be more than happy to try and assist you by putting you in touch wherever possible.